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As a leading designer and manufacturer supplier of specialist water pumps and cooling systems to the automotive sector, Saleri recognises that it can only achieve its ambitious growth plans by taking a strong approach to innovation and research & development. Saleri prepares for the major expected technological changes in the drivetrains of the future with clear strategies to ensure that they remain highly relevant.
Saleri has demonstrated a deep commitment to R&D over many years. In recent years its focus has been on helping car makers reduce their vehicles' fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Today the focus of its development activities has shifted to the next generation of electro-mechanical water pumps, setting yet again new standards for energy efficiency and reductions in emissions.
Saleri's next generation of “hybrid” and “intelligent” water pumps, capable of operating either electrically or mechanically, will provide this evolving market with the highly versatile, dynamic applications needed to meet the requirements of tomorrow's vehicles. A Saleri electro-mechanical WP can be exceptional useful, delivering superior temperature control without increased power requirement. The benefits include instant and easy switching between electrical and mechanical modes to suit starting and stopping conditions and precise control of coolant flows, including zero flow to eliminate energy absorption during engine warm up.
Saleri has consistently increased the proportion up to 15% of its resources devoted to R&D activities. They can be found working in the company's own state-of-the-art test & laboratory centre, engaged in strategic co-operations on-site with the main car manufacturers or working in conjunction with graduate and postgraduate researchers at the Universities of Brescia, Bergamo and Graz.
And Saleri keeps a clear eye on the even longer-term outlook, too. Under the guidance of its R&D Manager, Marco Pedersoli, the R&D Department is working on a significant project with ITIS Beretta High School - “Vehicles 2050”. Through this it is encouraging the drivers of tomorrow, students 18 and 19 years old, to imagine how the automotive world might look 30 years from now.
"Whether vehicles will be powered by combustion, hybrid or electric, it will be necessary to pump liquids as a means of transferring heat away from and between engine components," he says. By ensuring we have a well developed and appropriate range of mechanical, variable, hybrid and electronic products, Saleri’s future is solid. Saleri is in an excellent position, therefore, to realise our growth ambitions alongside our partners in both the OE and aftermarkets.

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