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SALERI METHOD: Supporting and enhancing the talent of young people July 19, 2018

We often talk about the Saleri Method in the company. These two words sum up our philosophy of excellence based on a few solid principles. One of these is supporting and enhancing the talent of young people, in particular of those engaged in the technological research field, which is the starting point of all our activities and the condition for competing successfully in increasingly selective and demanding markets. For some years now, our commitment consisted in a close relationship with the academic world, in particular with the University of Brescia, with which we have developed interesting projects and partnerships. And it is no coincidence that we have long been offering new graduates training courses that concern all areas within our company, from the economic to the technical. As Industrie Saleri Italo, this is not the first time we have made these proposals to University students in our city. The latest was the initiative for the University of Brescia through which we financed the research doctorate of Alessia Fracassi, a recent graduate in mechanical engineering. Over the next three years, Alessia will spend quite some time in the CAE department to analyse the pros and cons of the physical and mathematical models we use to predict fluid movements and operations in our cooling systems. "My research aims to analyse the performance of centrifugal pumps produced by SIL, using computational fluid dynamics, a branch of mechanics that studies the motion of fluids through the resolution of numerical equations - so-called direct simulation - which, however, is too expensive for industrial applications". Needless to say, the research of Alessia Fracassi will have a significant impact on the quality of our production and how identification of methods of analysis that ensure reliable results will be decisive in this regard. "In my research," explains Alessia, "I will use a hybrid method, an approach that is based on two different points of view - the RANS and LES approaches - which introduce as many levels of simplification and precision in the prediction of flow movements". She also explains the benefits of the combined use of RANS and LES simulations. "The key idea is to exploit the different approaches, highlighting the strengths of each one, not forgetting time and economic factors, and applying the results to industrial production, aiming for an increasingly higher quality of final product". This is how the goals of the research are outlined. "From the scientific point of view," says Alessia, "it is a matter of validating the hybrid methods present in OpenFOAM on some test cases in the literature, comparing the results obtained and implementing the hybrid XLES method in OpenFOAM and comparing it, in turn, with other hybrid methods and with the LES and RANS approaches - which I mentioned before - in terms of accuracy of result and times of calculation". This is an ambitious project with profitable prospects from our company’s point of view. "Applied research is certainly the most stimulating part for a young researcher like me. In fact, the ultimate goal is to apply the hybrid XLES method to the study of centrifugal pumps of the Saleri industry, comparing the results with the data available to the company - such as experimental data and the results of previous RANS simulations - in order to evaluate the benefits of hybrid methods also in the industrial field". The collaboration is just at the beginning. The results will come, but above all, they will be measured over time. Fruitful research, Alessia!

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