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THE VALUE OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN SALERI - Our Chief Technical Officer, Marco Pedersoli, shares his experience #ImPartOfSaleri July 26, 2018

I am the Technical Director at SIL. My being part of this company can be summed up in two simple words: emotional experience. SIL was my first job after obtaining my degree in Engineering. The company immediately gave me the opportunity to do what I do best: designing, thinking outside the box. I was then asked to develop exactly this area of innovation: namely, to shape a team of people who would be creative while capable of sustaining what I define as the “discipline of desk work”. Smart people, ready to work smart. At the beginning there were just two of us. Today the team comprises about fifty university-qualified engineers, many of whom are under 30 years of age. Our job is to find ideas and then check if they can become products with high technical content. A concrete example is the construction of a cooling pump that works with hybrid mechanical and electrical technology. This product is the result of the work of people who put their personal talent at the service of the group and demonstrate that they know how to work in a team, maintaining harmony and balance. What are the requirements for being part of this group? Emotional intelligence, curiosity, lateral thinking, and a spirit of adventure: that is, the ability and the courage to go beyond what has been previously achieved. This is what I am looking for in those who apply to become part of our team. The curriculum vitae shows academic qualifications and professional skills. I look for what is not written in a CV. For example, in the case of a young engineer who joined SIL in 2014, I was impressed by his passion for tuning engines, which he practised in his spare time preparing motorcycles for racing. I immediately thought he would be very valuable for our team. And it's no coincidence that it was with him that we started the Smart Working project at SIL. For me, Smart Working is not a benefit, but a philosophy of work and life: a way of being, not an abstract concept that is applied to the organisation of work. That's why I prefer to talk about smart workers: highly motivated people, with a deep work ethics, passionate, and able to harmonise with the rest of the group. People create the environment they are in, not the other way around. My job is finding “smart workers” and putting them together. It is not a question of creating a team of engineers, but of creating a group of people who work on engineering projects. At SIL we have worked on the "soft" part first, namely the person, and then on the “hard” part, that is, flexibility of schedules, technologies for remote work, ways to make the company environment more comfortable, healthy, and pleasant. Smart Working, in this sense, is a very useful method for our specific task. Ideas are not locked up in the office or found on the internet. Ideas are out there, and we have to be good at seeing their potential to turn them into products and technological breakthroughs. On the other hand, you have to verify ideas, you have to test them with calculations, you have to build prototypes and test them. So, we need the structure, the company, and the time technically necessary for office work. My being part of SIL, therefore, is the harmonisation of the two aspects. Seeing the person beyond the engineer, stimulating and enabling his or her creativity to express itself at its best, that is to finally create an engineering product of high technical value.

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