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Our Quality Manager, Silvio Granzotto, shares his experience #ImPartOfSaleri
January 16, 2019

I've been Saleri’s Quality Manager for 4 years. I joined the company after a long professional and academic career.
Immediately after graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Brescia, I won a grant for a PhD and continued to work in the same area for the following 3 years.
My professional career as such began with three years in the United States, working for an Italian company operating in the automotive industry.
But I have not only worked in the automotive sector. After my return to Italy, I spent 5 years in the textile machinery sector, and 7 years in the HVAC sector, near Brescia.
Before moving to Saleri, I spent a couple of years in another small but extremely dynamic automotive firm.
From the professional point of view, belonging to Saleri means embracing its corporate philosophy and applying it to your specific area of competence.
Naturally, a Quality Manager adopts the principle of "Quality first", perfectly aware that his job begins and ends with the customer. Quality is the Voice of the Customer.
In the department where I work, at Saleri, everything revolves entirely around customer satisfaction and the extremely rapid resolution of any kind of problem, which may arise during daily operations.
How does the "Quality first" principle translate into practice? By implementing robust processes, capable of guaranteeing totally compliant outputs, from the start to the end of the production process.
Achieving this aim involves meticulous planning of every detail which, in turn, requires perfect knowledge of the product and all the phases and tools involved in its production process.
Naturally, the chain always starts with human values: professional training and, even more important, the ability to work as part of a team.
The team I have been leading for four years includes 30 people and they are all young people of proven experience, including mechanical and electronic engineers who specialise in process risk analysis.
This is a fundamental part of our work, and to do it to the very highest professional levels we need people capable of maintaining a strong focus on the final goal: customer satisfaction.
Now, if we bear in mind that Saleri’s customers represent the premium segment of European automotive constructors, it is easy to understand the mindset required of those working in my team.
In addition to precision and attention to detail, soft skills when dealing with customers are also highly prized. In fact, at least once a week we receive visits from our customers, who visit us for process releases or to constantly monitor the continual improvement of the supplier.
Another key factor of our work is the ability to resolve problems in very short times. This takes organisation, technical skills and also patience.
All this is because Saleri is basically a supplier of the carmakers, who demand efficiency, punctuality, integrity and reliability from us.
So far, we have succeeded in meeting the expectations of a more and more selective market. And our order portfolio for the next 5 or 6 years proves that our work is providing satisfaction.

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