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Our Sourcing Director, Luigi Belleri, shares his experience #ImPartOfSaleri
February 07, 2019

I am Luigi Belleri, Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A. Sourcing Director. I have a technical-commercial education background and a 20-years-experience in the Sourcing field. I entered Saleri in 2015 as a Project Buyer, before covering my current position.
I came here during a great expansion of the Company. Only 2 years ago, in the Sourcing Division used to work eight people, while we are currently 18.
The massive expansion of our team retrace the Company global expansion: in few years, the purchase value managed by our division has grown, and we moved from 250 to 450 employees, estimating further growth for the short and medium term.
At the basis of this change of pace there is a genuine cultural revolution built on three main concepts: a “G-Local” mentality, an operability based on team building and a deeply rooted territorial identity. In order to understand better the deep value of these key concepts I will bring few specific examples.
Being G-Local for Saleri means to preserve the identity of Lumezzane and at the same time to think, produce and offer global solutions, achieved by the confrontation and development of Italian, European and Global resources.
Our orders come from top-class brands, which impose excellence and high quality standards for suppliers that stimulate a Company like ours to think and act with a clear purpose. Every minute, every day.
The cultural development that has been marking our history during the past few years, did not stop us from preserving the human side of a Company in which is always possible, in any moment, to debate and share everyone’s opinion.
Those who work for Saleri are part of an organism: this is our territorial identity, sense of belonging, our dedication. This means being part of Saleri.
Team building is decisive in order to get results. You grow up together, you work together. This rule obviously works for the Sourcing Division too.
Our area is composed by five departments: New Project Developments, Commodities, Indirect & Services, Supplier Quality and Planning.
We are living an extremely challenging but at the same time exciting cultural evolution, marked by projects, visions, strategies, dimensions and work methods that until only few years ago seemed impossible even to contemplate.
In this moment in Saleri, there is a great energy, and we are all aware of it. 

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