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Our Customer Service Coordinator, Matteo Rocco, shares his experience #GrowWithSaleri
April 05, 2019

I’m Matteo Rocco, Customer Service Coordinator at SIL. I work in the Sales Department. Specifically, I’m the liaison with our international clients’ material planners, BMW in particular.
Material planners in such companies are extremely demanding professionals. In logistics, on-time delivery and getting spare part quantities right are decisive factors when it comes to creating lasting relationships based on trust.
This means that SIL’s operating methods and those of the major international automotive players have to be on the same page. We have to think in sync and in step with each other. And then do the same for each of our customers.
Having a customer-oriented approach is, therefore, one of the most important requisites in my line of work, as well as the ability to establish relations with people coming from different cultural backgrounds.
I have to admit that my academic education and my working experience in Germany made joining Saleri and working in my current role easier.
I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature with English and German majors at the Università Cattolica of Brescia, before accepting an internship at a services company in Munich.
This set me up well for my 6-month internship in 2017 and subsequent hiring by Industrie Saleri Italo, the following year.
I come from the “humanities” in a world of mechanical engineers and people who make the numbers work, but I have a masters in economics, too, which I’ll need to put to good use in my job.
I’m talking about the future - and it has to be just that - because I only recently joined the company.
My experience at Saleri is not - and cannot be a résumé of my experience, but a plan for achieving a series of career and personal goals that will be inextricably linked to that of the company.
The challenge? Achieving those goals. If I succeed, it means my work has had an impact on the company and its story.
I’m 27 years old and perfectly aware of the unique nature of this special time for SIL. Over the recent years, the company has been experiencing a growth phase. This phase involves much more than just increasing sales revenues and gaining global recognition for the quality of its products.
All this has been made possible because of a cultural revolution that has involved and, still involves, every single organisational and operating level at the company. I feel I’m fully part of this evolution stage.
Saleri has learned how to evolve and adapt and change to a management model without losing the spirit underpinning the previous model adopted for running the company, as a family-owned business. And this is a distinctive factor, one of the company’s strengths.
Despite not having other experiences for making objective comparisons, the atmosphere I breathe every day and, specifically, the energy I feel and put into my job are very real, indeed.
There is a productive exchange of information and experience between staff within the same department, as well as constructive dialogue with other corporate divisions.
Saleri believes that specialising in your chosen area is very important, but that everyone should receive training about the jobs done by other staff, as well. Complexity needs to be understood if we want to manage it effectively.
And the training process has to be on-going. That is what creates integration.

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