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GRADUATE PROGRAMME - Interview with Fabrizio Nodari

April 26, 2019

My name is Fabrizio Nodari, I'm 25 years old, I have a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and I'm studying for my MSc at Brescia University.
I was hired by Saleri in April 2018 after an interview the previous month, and these days my life is very busy: work, study and soon the Graduate Program.
I'll be the first of the three young engineers recently hired by the Technical Department to start this programme. Unlike my colleagues, who work in Product Concept Department, I'm assigned to Design, working under Alessandro Ravelli.
The projects I'm working on will very soon reach the realisation phase. They, on the other hand, are working over a much longer time frame. It's my job to improve the present, and theirs is to design the future.
The Graduate Programme is a training course which involves one week a month full-time with every company department: the aim is to provide universal training and a vision of the Saleri product from every point of view. It's certain to be a very educational, interesting experience, because it will offer us the chance not only to gain an understanding of the company's working method, but also to experience it through everyday work.
All this is not only a great privilege but also a big responsibility: the company has recognised potential in me, and now I have to prove that they were right. I imagine that my soft skills played a large part in this: I like team work and like working on several projects all at once. Perhaps, apart from my CV, these were the factors that persuaded the company to choose me.
I can't wait to find out how Saleri really works, but above all to learn who I really am in professional terms. My experience is limited to the Technical Department, and I hope that the Graduate Programme will give me a broader view of how a complex business like Saleri works.
In the Design Department, we work on managing everyday needs: as you can easily imagine, ours is not a closed world. Dialogue with departments and suppliers is fundamental to improving the product from every point of view.
Our products reflect our identity as a company: the flexibility and precision of the things we design reflect our approach to tackling daily problems. Saleri means customised production within an industrial process.
To succeed in this company mission, training on the job is essential: through work, comparison and sharing of all knowledge and know-how between colleagues. So far, training within the company has been gradual and continuous I see the Graduate Programme as a kind of Master in the Saleri philosophy.

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