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GRADUATE PROGRAMME - Interview with Marco Arsuffi

May 03, 2019

My name is Marco Arsuffi, I'm 25 years old and I've just completed my MSc in Mechanical Engineering at Bergamo University.
I joined SIL on 8 October 2018, but I actually took my first steps within the business last July, when I began my dissertation on the Water Injection system; it was my tutor who suggested I should come here. In fact, in different ways, we are working on the same thing.
I think I made a good impression at interview from the start, perhaps because of my personality or maybe due to my love of engines, inherited from my father, which began when I was a child. The fact is that I love getting my hands dirty as much as I do designing.
As I said, Saleri hired me before I completed my MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and I was lucky enough to be assigned to the Research and Development Department, which was what I dreamt of.
With two colleagues, I gained a place on the Graduate Program, the training course which will enable us, over a couple of years, to get to know all about how the company operates, greatly enriching our experience.
The company has faith in me and I'll do everything I can to prove that they were right. From the operational point of view, the Graduate Program moves us around between departments, so for one week a month we work in an environment that different from our usual one.
This is what happens in the initial phase anyway. Later on, we will have contact with suppliers and will work as resident engineers on the premises of the most important customers, to whom we will present the result of the design work we are engaged on in the meantime.
I started working on design at Saleri right from the start. I am focusing my attention in particular on a gear pump and an innovative motor vehicle cooling system.
They will soon be tested in the test room. There, we will be able to find out whether one day they can be offered to companies interested in putting them into production.
I am proud to have joined Saleri. This is an ideal environment for a new engineering graduate. You feel that they believe in you and trust you, they accept and give importance to what you think, and they don't suffocate your personality.
Without a doubt, this is thanks to the Technical Department management... Marco Pedersoli has seen my potential. I myself can't wait to discover it all, but above all I can't wait to transform it into something useful for Saleri.

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