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GRADUATE PROGRAMME - Interview with Marco Minini

May 17, 2019

I am Marco Minini, electrical engineer. I have been working at Saleri since 2018, but I graduated from the University of Brescia in July.
During my studies, I was lucky enough to live abroad for long periods, in Valencia, Cambridge and Metz. In 2017, I attended a Masters course at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. It was a tough but unforgettable experience and it introduced me to the field of mechatronics, a subject that drove my decision to work in the automotive industry. In Atlanta, I also had the chance to refine my English.
Saleri put a lot of faith in me: I was hired the very day of my interview. They wanted me to start working with them even before the discussion of my degree thesis. This was a privilege, but also a huge responsibility!
At the beginning, I was working on electrical design. However, I applied to change departments and fortunately the Technical Director, Marco Pedersoli, accepted my application to move.
Now I work in the pre-development department, where research and creativity combine. There are seven of us young people, each working in a different role: four mechanical engineers, two electrical engineers and a designer.
We are all equally as vital when it comes to putting forward ideas and improving our products.
As much as I love the work I do in my own department, the importance of knowing all the various fields in which our company works is undeniable. That is why being accepted onto the Saleri Graduate Programme is such an honour for me, a source of pride and a great learning opportunity.
I’ll be the last to join and I’ll certainly make use of my colleagues’ experience. My interaction with them is intense. Under the programme, me and two other recently hired young engineers will spend one week every month in another department.
We’ll have to move around a lot, but I’m sure that this systematic exchange of perspectives will contribute to creating a symbiotic relationship between us, the young cohort, and the company. We have a lot to offer and to gain from each other. We have to seize these training opportunities.
I believe the Graduate Programme is also really good for operations. The good and bad qualities of a project or method of working are often easier to see from the outside. The view from inside the “system” can, at times, be limited and limiting.
What we learn in our training will help us - I’m sure of it - to optimise turnaround and our ways of working. This will improve the quality of the products as a result.
I am really interested to see how I handle the encouragement and responsibility that I’ll get from being involved in the programme. I put a lot of enthusiasm and collaborative spirit into what I do.
I haven’t ruled out changing my role at the company again, some time in the future. Gaining an understanding of the sectors to which my skills will bring the biggest benefits will be important.
Without a doubt, my personality will help me a lot in all of this. In fact, electronics is not my only interest: I am also keen to learn about mechanics and mechatronics, as well as less related areas such as management, marketing and relations with clients and suppliers.
Everything is interesting. Everything is useful.

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