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Our Aftermarket Key Account Manager, Claudia Fausti, shares her experience #GrowWithSaleri

June 18, 2019

I'm Claudia Fausti, Aftermarket Key Account Manager. I have a degree in Economics and Business Studies and a scientific-linguistic background ideal for the export world.
I've been working for Saleri for almost twenty years and I'm a witness to the change in the company's DNA. When I first arrived, we were active in the independent market and the Aftermarket was the company's core business. Today, more than 80% of sales revenue is generated by OE. We have competitors in both areas. We are unique in this respect.
The change has been very profound. It is often said that to grow professionally you have to change jobs. It hasn’t been like that for me. The evolution of Saleri has been so fast that I feel as if I've changed company I don't know how many times. And, still today, everything is still changing rapidly: it's a constant challenge that also affects my role.
Our team is dedicated to sales. There are 7 of us: 4 salespeople and 3 people handling Customer Service. Our target market is the aftermarket.
We are a filter between the market and the company. If there is a talent we need to develop in a special way, it’s the ability to listen. The ability to relate to customers is essential, but the exchange of views with colleagues in the company is also very important.
Change requires knowing how to adapt to ever-changing scenarios. The spare parts distribution market is governed by complex and constantly evolving dynamics. There is no instruction manual for understanding them. We have to get there alone, relying on our skills and our experience but, above all, being willing to learn new things every day.
This, from a professional standpoint, is very stimulating: my work never becomes a monotonous routine, but is a kind of on-going on-the-job-training.
The Saleri brand is becoming a key player internationally, thanks to the quality of its products and the efficiency of its operating methods, aimed at achieving a very precise objective: being able to do what needs to be done today, but which will primarily be required tomorrow.
In an increasingly small world, tradition counts, but it is the ability to serve the present well that makes the difference and will ensure advantageous positions in the future.
This is the Saleri philosophy. The key to its growth is the ability to adapt to scenarios, changing skin when necessary, but without losing identity and loyalty to certain values, amongst which, first and foremost, enhancement of the human factor.
I am an old-timer and I can say this with good reason: between Saleri and me, a relationship of profitable reciprocity has always existed. Here, I’ve managed to reconcile the dual role of working woman and mother.
I have grown as a professional, while realising myself as a person. I have three children and a career. I haven’t had to sacrifice my personal life goals for my career.

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