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The Continuous Improvement: a “business style”.
That’s how we put it into practice!

September 03, 2019

Quality, customer care, ongoing activity in order to develop abilities to satisfy necessities according to the expectations: these are the key factors that affect the whole Saleri organization, starting from the production processes, appropriating the Continuous Improvement spirit.
The improvement of the productive systems efficiency is a must for a company that wants to grow. But it requires a considered and systematic process.
The Continuous Improvement Team is resolute in continuing to offer direct and indirect continuous training to company staff. As such, it received the support of the new Operations Director to arrange a 48-hour training course on Lean Production. This ran from 18 June to 24 July and took advantage of the ErgonGroup’s vast experience.
Thanks to the methodological support offered by Ergon Group, we have been able to create an improved Validation Procedure for the existing production lines in use at the company, built upon a combination of training, consultancy and technology transfer.
We reached a strict cooperation between all the departments of the Operations: Supply Chain, Process Engineering, Supply Chain Planning, Continuous Improvement and Sourcing.
From theory to practice

From a process analysis based on the identification of weaknesses and inefficiencies, we then intervened in order to prevent them. How? With the Ergon Group support we followed and applied 3 specific project phases:
1 - Initial alignment of all the participants on all basic concepts such as types of production system (Make to Order and Make to Stoke), VSM (Value Stream Map) and studying the 7 Mudas (wasteful activities), in order to bring the team up to scratch.
2 - Updating the forms used during the validation stages (the pre-testing, testing and final acceptance reports), this created the perfect opportunity to work - at the same time and as a team - on updating the machine technical specifications for totally automated machines.
3 - Taking advantage of the skills of the various departments related to Manufacturing and supported by Maintenance department and Safety&Environment department, a small team led by Production Planning department proceeded to work on drawing up a draft manual that sets forth the basic rules for creating a standard layout.
A breakthrough process for a not-only an economical improvement, but also a cultural one, for a more opened mentality and a far-sighted approach.
Benefits that turns into measurable and practical outcomes.

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