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Superkit Water pump
and timing kit:
a strategic combination
Saleri offers a wide range of timing kits with water pump. This solution minimises the risk of mistakes when identifying products by offering solutions complete with all the necessary components. WHY CHOOSE A SUPERKIT? Buying a superkit saves the customer time and money.
When the water pump is connected to the timing belt, on average the cost of repair is higher than for a pump connected to an ancillary belt. It is therefore advisable to replace the pump at the same time as the timing system, to avoid expensive work at a later date.
Composition The kit comprises: water pump, one or more timing belts, one or more tensioners and all accessories required for installation. In about 70% of engines, the cooling pump is driven by the timing belt. As a precaution, when the timing belt is changed the water pump should also be replaced. Correct operation of the water pump is essential for proper operation of the engine itself. When the belt is replaced, the decision to fit a new belt on worn drive, tensioning or guide components can render the whole operation pointless in terms of reliability and durability.

Advantages Replacing both the timing belt and the water pump:
- prevents component failures
- minimises expenditure
- minimises repair time
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