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Our Project Manager, Caterina Saleri, shares her experience #GrowWithSaleri
Mercredi 28 Août 2018

I am a part of Saleri just as much as Saleri is a part of me. For me, Saleri SIL is my business and my family. This very strong presence has influenced but not decided my life-choices.

I hold a degree in energy engineering, specialising in nuclear engineering.

Both Saleri SIL and our family have an innate tendency to broaden our horizons and look at things from many different points of view.

My career in Saleri SIL began in 2013, when I joined the CAE department, helping to organise and develop it.

I worked on virtual calculations for four years. Today I am a Project Manager, providing coordination between the company's various teams. I see this as a very important phase in my professional development. Until a short time ago, I only saw projects from the technical point of view. Now I am able to see all the aspects involved in a project: from technology to the financial aspects that can be vital for its success.

I took an MBA at the Politecnico in Milan and this enabled me to broaden my horizons and gave me a general education in management.

This widening of my professional horizons overlaps with the evolution of the very concept of business culture for a family-run company like ours.

Today's market is no longer satisfied with a product that is impeccable from a technological point of view and manufactured with craftsman-like skill and passion.

It demands an organisation that can combine the flexibility typical of a family firm with the production standards of international giants.

Our company, like a large proportion of Italian businesses to some extent, is having to develop in this direction.

We have to maintain all our flexibility, personalised customer care and identity, but at the same time acquire an organisational structure that enables us to keep up with the demands of the world's top car makers. In other words, we have to learn to work and think like them.

This is a fascinating challenge from the business culture point of view. As in other industries, the times-to-market for new components are getting shorter and shorter in the automotive sector.

Five years used to be an acceptable timeframe. The average time is now three years. Naturally, we have to be synchronised with this acceleration, which has come about for both commercial and technological reasons.

For Saleri SIL, targeted investment in R&D is vital. So although on the one hand we produce to order, adopting the quality standards required by the world's top car makers, on the other hand we do not neglect research into pure innovation.

In this case, the aim is to keep ahead of the market and to set the standards. We want to introduce innovative products that will become new benchmarks.

To do this, we invest with a strong focus on the human factor. The entire R&D department, to which I belong, is very young, with a lot of people in their thirties. Like me.

The growth of our talents, as professionals and people, is one of the main objectives of Saleri SIL. The environment is really stimulating. We see work as a continuous learning experience.

On one hand we focus on one aim: to satisfy customers with products that are technically and commercially impeccable.

On the other hand, we aim to "invent" (returning to the word's root meaning, to "discover) a product that creates a technological revolution and guarantees a competitive advantage over our competitors.

People intending to work for us also need this type of energy, this drive, and not only top-class academic and professional qualifications.

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