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Our Technical Manager, Alessandro Ravelli, shares his experience #GrowWithSaleri
Samedi 21 Septembre 2018

I am the Technical Manager of the Designing department and CTO Deputy of Saleri, the company in which I started working when I was 23, after Graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Brescia. During my 7-years-experience in Saleri, I have gone from advanced research to mechanical design to my actual position in the Technical Direction.

My role requires comprehensive skills, and this is one of the reasons why I earned a MBA degree at the Politecnico di Milano University. My responsibilities are complex, just as how complex is Saleri’s technical direction.

There is the product development area, which handles the on order design. Moreover, there is the pre-development area, which predicts long-term scenarios; and then there is the design area, my area, which aim is to harmonize the other two and supply them with all the services they require. I am responsible for the product design services, and the management of designers, mechanical engineers, simulation specialists and test room technicians.

My job can be summarized with the word “method”: proceeding step-by-step towards a higher and higher quality service target. The Saleri method applied to design is based on the development of a corporate structure that aims to the full enhancement of designers emotional intelligence.

The technological evolution and product quality are the result of a “business process” that revolves around the enhancement of the human factor. This is all the more true in an age where the knowledge access is easier than in the past, and the true challenge is to put into practice ideas in the most efficient way. Efficiency is within method, and method is at Saleri’s equipment disposal and human quality of the single ones that show up in teamwork disposal, day after day.

A dynamic approach, being able to adapt to changes, having intrapersonal capabilities and a pronounced sense of cooperation, are most-wanted skills in our area in order to achieve our goals. These goals are measured in design, validation and simulation corporate capabilities. This is what the marked demands. And we have to be faster and faster in answering.

In order to guarantee all this, we have to be more efficient in ordinary operational activities, aware that every re-organization is a small step in a very complex plan. Out of this view, and without this work ethic based on human qualities, there cannot be professional development and product improvement.

SIL is a company that enhances differences, in a non-conventional way when dealing with a problem and finding its solution. In my operational area it is like if every day was the first day of school. There is intellectual excitement, interest in progression, passion for trial.

At last, in my specific case, it is all about studying. Not only the referring market, but also markets in general, with a wide open and at the same time in-depth look at every possible scenario. It is very important to study the impact on new technologies in the design process, especially today that where the trend is to reduce the development times. New prototypal methods research, for example, is always more virtual. This helps us in lowering times, costs and project risks. But always upgrading product quality.

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