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Our Product Design Manager, Giovanni Tebaldini, shares his experience #GrowWithSaleri
Samedi 05 Octobre 2018

I am the Product Design Manager at Saleri. My job is to coordinate and oversee the three sub-categories into which this area of the business, operating under technical management, is divided – (DRE, Electronic Design, Resident Engineers).

DRE is an acronym for Design Responsible Engineer. The area is made up of Original Equipment designers, who are the final point of technical contact with the client.

Electronic Design is the area towards which we develop our work. Electronic components are increasingly being integrated into the mechanical ones.

The final area, Resident Engineers, is made up of Saleri employees who work with the end client. Meetings between SIL and the car manufacturers are fundamental in allowing us to overcome any issues that might emerge.

My work consists precisely of managing the flow of information between Saleri and our clients - the world’s leading car manufacturers. From that information, we create high performance technical products.

Fast communication between the client and the company and correct internal use of data are crucial when it comes to creating products with added technological value and a process that is smooth from the design stages right through to delivery and that, consequently, is also profitable.

Product Design is in fact the advanced stage of a project. The projects we work on are ready for mass production. This means they are at the point where the car manufacturer to whom they are destined can customise that component specifically for the model upon which they intend to mount it.

Accuracy and speed are key in our line of work. And we are called upon to make these the basis of how we execute projects. This is why we have a team of young engineers, who think and create with agile minds, but who are also able to operate with the highest levels of precision.

To be precise is to be methodical and being methodical is the principle upon which every stage of our processes is based: it is their indispensable foundation.

If issues arise, everything must be resolved within as few steps as possible. The flow of information internally and to the end client must be quick and punctual.

Such efficiency receives a great deal of appreciation from high-end clients, such as the most prestigious German car manufacturers.

As we often say in Saleri, organisation and method are not abstract concepts, but direct consequences of choices made in the staff-selection process.

A candidate’s CV is important, but it is not everything. In addition to training and technical skills, a candidate needs to prove they can work in a team. These human aspects become clear in the field and are measured by the work we do every day.

That is my experience at Saleri, a tale that began ten years ago when I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Brescia, at the age of 25.

Just like many of my colleagues, I began as a designer. I worked with CAD on the models for mechanical and electronic parts, before moving to a role in the pre-development department and later become a DRE.

This document is a mere overview of my career within the company. My professional growth is a result of having expanded and deepened my knowledge, not just in the technical sphere.

Knowledge must transcend the field in which one works. But more important than anything else is the desire to keep learning.

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