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Our Aftermarket Sales Manager, Marco Pinnacoli, shares his experience #ImPartOfSaleri
Samedi 11 Janvier 2019

I am the Aftermarket Sales Manager of SIL, which I joined in 2010.  I have a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Bergamo, but even before completing my studies I had already gained important experience abroad, including an Erasmus exchange in Spain and two years at Europe Assistance in the United Kingdom.
After a Master Degree in Foreign Trade promoted by the Italian Trade Agency, I had the opportunity to join Brembo and take my first steps in the automotive Aftermarket world. I worked for the company for 15 years, four of them working from a home office in France, before moving to Saleri with the position I still hold today.
My career with Saleri can be summarised as the testament to a growth process. In 2010, the company's size and organisation were completely different from what they are now.
At that time, also compared to my previous work experience, we were a small company with big ambitions.
How far are we today? We are a business that has grown impressively in terms of workforce and turnover, innovation and product quality.
Today, SIL is a company with vast potential. We are like a teenager on the verge of becoming a strong, dynamic and well-organised adult, we know that our stock market launch planned by the end of 2022 is our next major milestone, our "school leaving examination”.
In general, Saleri’s goal is to consolidate its status as a business of industrial excellence in terms of product quality and organisational efficiency. Then there are the objectives that must be set by the single Business Units.
In fact, SIL has two souls, expressed through two, complementary Business Units: OEM, developing the products we supply to vehicle manufacturers, and Aftermarket, which serves the spare parts market.
The more successful our innovative, high-tech products are, and the more they are adopted by top car makers, the more our Aftermarket sales of the future will also grow, as our spare parts become necessary for maintaining vehicles.
The impressive job we have done in becoming suppliers to the leading premium segment automotive producers, who make up Saleri's core business, is our best business card when we also offer our products to the top-level independent parts distributor, who serves the area wholesaler, who is in turn the supplier of the workshop that repairs the final customer's car.
The future will see ever-increasing integration between SIL's two businesses, because distributors are very likely to choose our Aftermarket parts when it comes to replacing innovative products covered by Saleri patents.
This is what we are working to achieve. We need to constantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the 4 area managers, who cover the respective geographical areas into which we have subdivided the world, of the 3 Marketing staff, and of the 3 people who deliver Customer Service to our 250 direct customers.
Within the company, as I was saying, the Aftermarket area must be more and more integrated with all the Saleri company functions, and we must therefore focus strongly on recruiting and training people capable of dialoguing with each other.
Undoubtedly, this is a big challenge. The company is growing, and will keep expanding in the near future. This leap forward will be measured not only in rising staff numbers, but will also involve their human value.
At SIL, it is already standard practice to measure this by assessing more than just CVs. Our philosophy sees work as a profession and not just a job, and this makes all the difference.
This approach to work is reflected in ethics, a flair for teamwork, and a sense of belonging to a system which enables individual talent to flourish when it is directed towards the growth of all.

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