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The Board of Directors farewell to Sergio Saleri

Mercredi 09 Juillet 2019

In recent days Sergio Saleri passed away, he was the founder of our Group, together with his brother Francesco.
Sergio Saleri has been a visionary man but at the same time able to give his invaluable contribution in his everyday work.
His passion in the constant search of innovation and efficiency, his generosity and his belief in teamwork through which you can win the most challenging issues, will remain indelible in our memory.
From now on, our Group and new generations, will be inspired by his dedication to both work and family, pursuing his successful business, a real credit to Lumezzane, Brescia and to the Country.
Together with his business commitment, which has been fruitful in many countries all over the world, we will remember his dedication to sports, with those values of good competition that have always been there for him, and that will always remain as a model for all of us.
The Board of Directors

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