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Saleri: with Staufen into a new era of Lean Transformation

Samedi 15 Novembre 2019

A critical success factor for our company, as defined by Industrie Saleri's Operation Manager, is the rethinking of its own processes, refining them and making them more flexible.
For this reason, in July 2019, an ambitious Lean Transformation project was launched, focused on process optimisation, with the technical and methodological support of Staufen Italia, a well-known international Lean Management consulting company.
The work team involved in this initiative is therefore composed of Staufen consultants and company resources from the Operation and the Management Control areas, coordinated by the Continuous Improvement team. #startup
Project structure: overview
The project plan envisages 3 sequential development phases:
Phase 1
Preliminary analysis of the company’s context and reality (Top-Down Analysis and Bottom-Up Analysis)
Phase 2
Design of the "ideal" situation and alternative scenarios
Phase 3
Drawing up an improvement plan and its implementation

Phase 1: Analysis
How was the first phase of analysis performed?

The Lean Transformation team dedicated itself to a wide-ranging in-depth analysis, collecting and verifying both economic-financial data (turnover, cost structure, etc.) and logistic-production data (stock data, KPI Operation, etc.).
Fieldwork included the assessment of production and logistic flows, stockpile management, machine yields, the effectiveness of daily meetings and, more generally, the management of tasks and problems.

At the same time, Staufen Italia's consultants carried out targeted interviews with area managers and leading figures in the production departments, accompanied by representatives of the Continuous Improvement team.
Thanks to the above-mentioned joint activities, the critical points of the current logistic/production process were detected and therefore the potential for improvement was identified. #statusoctober2k19 #staytuned

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