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THE VALUE OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN SALERI - Our Product Concept Manager, Alfonso Surace, shares his experience #GrowWithSaleri Freitag 03 August 2018

I am a product manager. I've been working at Saleri since 2014 and I'm part of the Technical Office, the heart of the company's design operations.

I work in the area of concept design, i.e. the development of concepts. It is a sort of think tank, a reservoir of ideas that are submitted to the scrutiny of the various technical offices - texting, designers, calculation - to become, if they work, standard products.

In this job, creativity, inspiration, observation, freshness and agility are modes of thought, of life, of action, not words of a program.

I am an engineer who loves to get his hands dirty: disassemble, refine, reassemble, test. Put theory into practice.

I’ll try again and again until I find the winning solution. And to find it, I try to change perspective, point of view. I learned this in the garage where I develop engines for racing motorcycles as a hobby.

It's my passion, but it also worked as a true professional master course, which has refined my personal approach to work.

I believe that this attitude was my winning card when, as a new graduate, I held the interview that allowed me to join SIL.

On the other side, there was someone who shared my vision of the designer's work; someone who, like me, thinks that creativity cannot be closed within four walls, but who, at the same time, recognises the importance of the structure so that the idea becomes a project, the project a product, and the product true innovation.

This, in a nutshell, is how the electro-mechanical hybrid cooling pump was developed, allowing the company to meet its need for innovation and to introduce it on the market.

By observing an object of common use, we had the intuition that allowed us to solve the technical problem that impaired the realization of the project.

This case study, in some ways, is also at the origin of the introduction in SIL of the Smart Working philosophy that we are working on under the guidance of the CTO, Marco Pedersoli.

Smart Working, at least in the design area of SIL, is something that goes beyond simple teleworking or working from home, it basically means open-mindedness. It means giving the reservoir of ideas the opportunity to develop outside the office walls. This is demonstrated by the organisation of the Pre-Development team, where 5 to 6 people work side by side with as many external collaborators.

In particular, these are contributions in the field of scientific research, made possible by the company's collaboration with students, trainees and doctoral researchers from Italian and European universities.

These people create a very stimulating atmosphere in SIL. The Smart Working mode helps us bring out the talent of individuals within a teamworking environment.

Collaboration is focused on new projects and the "novelty" ensures that each member of the working group offers their best, not only professionally, but also in terms of their ability to integrate with the work of others.

Growing up in SIL, through Smart Working, is first a human experience and then a professional one. It is up to people to help create the best possible working conditions.

For this reason, it is necessary, first of all, to know the individuals in order to mould around them a comfort zone in which they can express their talent to the maximum.

Then balance is needed to match the needs of the individual with those of the team. And then you need global vision, because a team is an organ within a larger body called to compete in an international scenario.

To grow is above all to know who we are and what we can become.

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