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Saleri Training on the Job Dienstag 08 Januar 2019

"Saleri Training on the Job" is an innovative training introduced by our Continuous Improvement team in November 2018.
It all started as an opportunity for the new entries but also for our colleagues that have been working with us during the years. This is an alternative training session rather than a traditional teaching course, mainly addressed to assembly, manufacturing and tooling operators.
These sessions take place every month in-between the operational working hours, and are about different topics (product quality, visual nonconformities, Continuous Improvement concepts, dimensional inspections, critical components, ergonomics, ecc...). The "new entries" are also trained side-by-side on the production lines by a Senior Operator, chosen for its experience, reliability and professionalism.
This new system allows a gradual day-by-day learning of the new introduced concepts, field trials of what has been learned, and reinforcement of its own knowledge. The union between theory and practice, training and side-by-side operations in the class and on the line, is at the basis of the “Training on the Job” whole concept, through which we transform knowledge into skills.
This new proposal allows the day-by-day learning of the new introduced concepts, the trial on field of the learned basis and the reinforcement of its own knowledge. The bond between theory and practice, training and cooperation on the line is at the basis of the “Training on the Job” formula, through which we transform knowledge into skills. Training through these interactive modules is a productive experience, since it offers the right mix between lessons and training on the line.
All the lessons are given by Saleri’s employees: through the 11 teachers there are manufacturers with many years’ experience, middle-management staff and qualified professional collaborators.
One of the key concept of our Saleri Training on the Job is “transferability”. The decision to invest working hours in order to learn the fundamentals of manufacturing is the first key concept of our project. Technical aspects, but essential in order to work with awareness, are analyzed by small 15-people groups, guided by a one of our coworkers. This allows to adapt each explanation to the specific demands of the trainees, targeting and efficiently transferring the notions in relation to their tasks.
This allows a high level of "interactivity": having small study groups not only assures an efficient flow of notions and concepts, but also for the trainees to frequently ask questions in order to clarify doubts, but mainly to deepen all those topics that may be taken for granted.
The goal of our company is therefore the  growth and the continuous enhancement of the worker's expertise. The main role of these training opportunities cannot be interpreted as a "plus" but needs to become a "must" within the Continuous Improvement logic: the necessity to maintain a high level of competitivity imposes a constant skills update, precisely starting from the ones who see the product taking shape between their own hands.

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