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Continuous Improvement and KPI

Dienstag 10 September 2019

  • Measurement of the progress
  • Highlighting results and commitment
  • Share data and analysis

These topics are fundamental in order for everyone – within the company – to bring their contribution to the continuous improvement; important concepts that are technically defined as KPI, visual management and Continuous Improvement.
All concepts within the Lean basic principles, a method resolutely shared internally, through advisory and effective support offered by Ergon Group.
Thanks to a proven method, and the support of Ergon Group specialists, we took care of reviewing and redefine the current company KPI in order to align it with the new company standards aimed at making the new process easily applicable, with a consequent awareness improvement of the tasks and targets to reach from all employees.
The inclusion of a Visual Management more clear and structured of all key performance indicators managed to make the KPI Operation dashboard more comprehensible, easy and accessible to the users, reducing processing times and applicability, easing the execution of assigned tasks. A valid tool that permitted to apply the continuous improvement within our organization with a system that set the capacity of responding to the clients and society needs.
Sharing and correctly distributing information, to the right person and at the given time, simplifies and improve the development of activities, amplifying the satisfaction of all team.

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